Archery for Kids Begins with Genesis

Archery for kids #BullsIDidItDisclosure: I was given a Genesis Bow to share with my kids and promote archery shooting sports. All opinions are my own.

In 2010, I enrolled my daughters in archery lessons at the local YMCA. They took to to the sport immediately! Unfortunately classes were canceled due to low attendance (the Hunger Games fervor had not yet hit). Sensing their sincere interest, the instructor made an amazing offer: lessons on his front lawn every Thursday. Over the course of several summers my girls learned form, function, and the importance of anchor point. Eventually, all three of my kids graduated from the lawn to friendly archery competition at another YMCA with the same instructor. But it was a long, long drive … 

Fast forward to 2014. Our home school co-op started the Straight-N-Arrow Archery Club and yes, our favorite archery instructor is teaching the class. He’s amazing with the kids. The kids are amazingly disciplined and determined. They are learning lessons for life through a sport that involves bows, arrows, targets, and amazing concentration.

Their eyes are open, their aim is true. They are determined to hit the mark. #BullsIDidIt

Genesis Bow for Kids #BullsIDidItThe Right Equipment for Success
Like any sport, archery requires proper equipment. Genesis Archery has made it simple for beginners of all ages with a line of bows to fit virtually anyone. They grow with your child, and do not require measurement before purchase. Easy? Yes. Perfect for busy families? Absolutely.

Genesis designs, engineers and builds the world’s most innovative and easy-to-master compound bow products in America. These bows help kids of every age, size and skill level experience the hands-on thrill of shooting, training and competing. The Original Genesis™ bow is the official bow of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP). It’s ideal for kids, beginners and adults.

  • Genesis Archery #BullsIDidItKids can’t outgrow it because there is no specific draw length
  • Simple to buy — no need to measure and fit for draw length
  • Easy to shoot — because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won’t develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.  It also has adjustable draw weight of 10-20 pounds.
  • Great for families — everyone can shoot the same bow
  • Perfect for schools, clubs and organizations
  • Built to last — it’s durable and tough
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


The Bulls I Did It! Program
As part of its Bulls I Did It! Program, Genesis strives to help parents release the hero within their child by letting them discover natural talents and unlock their unique potential through archery. And believe it or not, archery is one of the safest sports! I’ve seen positive changes in my own kids since they started target archery, and I know parents in our club feel the same way!

Lisa, one of the archery moms from the Straight-N-Arrow Club writes:

Archery taught my children how to be in tune with every inch of their body. If their footing, finger placement, or release were not quite right, the target would show it. They also built confidence in themselves that they could do anything they put their mind to if they work hard. That’s the part I love about individual sports; you are just out there improving yourself. If the desire to always improve yourself is learned and mastered as a young child, I can only see great things for these children when they are off on their own in the world.

Barb says:

My son had never found his “niche” — archery helped him with his hand-eye coordination and it built his self-confidence. This son is a bit of a late bloomer. He did not have to worry about “fitting in” because he competed against himself. He looked forward to each class, his skill with the bow and arrow improved, and so did his self-esteem.

And archery mom Carla writes:

Archery lessons, at least with our instructor, are so much more than just hitting the target. The archery lessons reinforce so much of what we, as parents, want to instill in our kids. Patience, perseverance, confidence, achievement, self control. To me, archery has reinforced by example, these very things we try to teach at home.

Genesis ArcheryThe benefits of archery will impact your child for a lifetime. It’s as much about the mind as it is about physical skill. Aim for success with great, affordable and reliable equipment like the Genesis Bow. Click here for more information.


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