2 posts from day 31/01/2015

Cheddar Biscuit Brisket Sliders

King Arthur Flour biscuits with Cabot Cheddar and herbs
Sometimes leftovers are better than the original, especially when combined with other great ingredients! I've added shredded Cabot Cheddar and herbs to this original King Arthur Flour biscuit recipe. The result? A biscuit that's a perfect complement to leftover brisket from my Easy Beef Brisket recipe. Continue Reading

Homeward Bound

Winter scenes from Tuckaway Farm
It's a homegrown crystal cathedral. Branches are encased in glassy ice, then frosted over for ethereal effect. The landscape is cold and windswept, harsh and lonely. A quick trek outside makes silent tears flow from squinting eyes, and a runny nose freezes to skin before tissues can be pulled from layered pockets by mittened fingers. Continue Reading