Morning blues and peace that passes all understanding

Snowy pasture Words escape me just now. Thankfully there are words available for times like this. They come not from us, but from the one who finds us in our broken, worn state and gives us the only reprieve to be had. 

Winter morning blues

But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing, and shall have wonderful peace. ~ Psalm 37:11

Making tracks in the snow
We yearn for peace with a longing that cannot be expressed: world peace … family peace … internal peace. We long for quiet. We wish for a moment’s rest. Oh, sure, there are interludes of happy, joyful days. Revel in their beauty, bask in the glow of their heartwarming hours. For days of sadness or frustration or feeling lost will undoubtedly follow. We forget, you know. We pass through the valley of the shadows, emerge into the sunlight, and all that has wounded us passes away for a time. It’s an endless cycle designed for our growing, learning and yielding.

The sad times, the bad times, the less-than-ideal days help us realize, belatedly, that it’s not up to us. We’re not in control … never were, never will be. So why do we put so much energy into the trying? Why do we invest in endless attempts to handle life on our own? It’s human nature, I think. Because when we’re charging ahead we feel strong and safe and empowered. But worry and frustration yield people who are weary and weak. And eventually — depending on our own personal level of stubborn self-importance, we let go. We throw our hands in the air and cry “Uncle!”

And it is the Father who answers — always. Sometimes with a gentle nudge, sometimes with a mighty storm. If we’re smart, if we trust, if we know,  we will yield. We will lean on the everlasting arms for solace and solution.

Then, only then, can we find the peace we so desperately seek.


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    Kat February 13, 2015 (8:07 pm)

    Beautiful!! Thank you! I am adding you to our pinterest board The Sunday Social. I hope to see you back this Sunday! ~Kat