Archery Is the Cure For Cabin Fever

gen3The winter blues have set in and cabin fever has hit an all-time high. Here at Tuckaway Farm the children (perhaps adults, too!) are cranky. We have angst, argument and general discontent. We have snow, ice, wind and cold. The kids need a physical outlet — not only for health and mindfulness, but for all-around motivation. Unfortunately, the archery team takes winter off, but that doesn’t mean my archers can’t continue to expend a little energy towards their target. So … 

We constructed an indoor archery range in the barn. #BullsIDidIt!

gen7It turns out the  bottom of a bank barn is the perfect place to practice archery in winter — as long as horses, chickens, dogs, cats and little brothers are out of the way. Archery is fun, but concentration is mandatory. Training is required. Muscle memory will be called upon with every single shot. It’s not about hitting the bullseye, it’s about focus and follow-through.

gen5They’re working to find their groove again after a couple of months off. A little sibling rivalry is a good thing. The thought of team archery in late spring is motivation to get outside (and into the barn) for practice. Add a little brother to the mix and it’s a perfect storm …

We found the cure-all for our cabin fever: archery #BullsIDidIt

gen8Archery is a fantastic sport for kids because it builds confidence, teaches discipline and demands concentration. Best of all, you’re guaranteed a few smiles along the way. Each of my kids possesses his or her own degree of athleticism. One is great at baseball. Another loves volleyball. Archery is a unique sport because anyone, with any ability, can try and succeed. It just takes practice.

Whether alone or on a team, archery is a powerful tool to help your kids grow and develop self-esteem. Even if they’re not ready or interested in group competition, the desire to beat themselves — to do better this shot than the last — is a powerful motivator.

gen4Like most sports, archery does require certain equipment. My girls are using Genesis compound bows in our barn range. The Genesis bows are great for all ages because they have an adjustable draw length. Beginning archers won’t develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow, and as they grow older the bow will continue to suit their needs. Read more about the Genesis bow here.

Bank Barn Archery RangeFun Fact: Did you know archery is an Olympic sport? It’s one of the oldest sports in the world and has a history dating back thousands of years.

Incidentally, there are college-level archery teams, and many offer scholarships to talented athletes!

gen6Thanks to archery lessons and the team competition that followed, the girls are perfecting their form, stance, anchor point and the list goes on. Something happens to them when they pick up a bow, check for interference, and take aim. They move into a zone of their own. They command their personal space and focus on a single point in front of them. They have one goal: hit the mark. And they practice — without prompting — in order to make it happen.

Archery is the best game of concentration I know. #BullsIDidIt

If you or your children are new to the sport or interested in learning from a professional, begin with a demonstration at a local archery range. They will explain the equipment, offer shooting instruction and get you on your way to loving archery. Need help finding a range near you? Start here.

And as my daughter said, “We don’t wear bows, we shoot ’em!”


Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation. All opinions are my own. 

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    MAC February 9, 2015 (9:30 am)

    Heck with the bows I want their boots!! So cute!!