Loosen Your Grip To Gain Control

Large bullseye with three arrows for archery.I absolutely love archery and encourage my kids to practice whenever possible. My husband and I have bows, too. It’s a fantastic activity we can do together. The funny thing? Archery terrified me as a kid — all because I checked the wrong box at church camp. We had to fill out a form listing the activities we wanted to participate in throughout the week. I chose archery — not because I knew what it was, but because I liked the sound of the word. I kid you not.  And to this day, I don’t know if I was really scared of trying, or if it was the big, burly-looking instructor in a class of all boys that caused me to fake illness every afternoon after horseback riding. Eventually,

I conquered my fear and found my target. #bullsIdidIt 

I chose archery once again — this time as a college sophomore trying to earn physical education credits. I finally excelled at a sport. (It was a very big deal for me!) That semester’s final class involved me, a bow and the best boys’ team representative in a shoot-out. I won by two points. It was the highlight of my very  short athletic career.

The importance of grip in archery.Do you know how to hit a target? Can you focus on the bullseye and see that arrow through to its destination? It requires proper equipment and a focused point-of-view. Form is imperative, and anchor point — the place you pull the bow string and arrow to every time you shoot (usually at the edge of your mouth). But none of it means a thing if your fingers are curled tightly around that bow. If that happens, tension will skew the whole thing and you’ll miss your mark.

To hit the target you must loosen your grip. #bullsIdidIt

It’s the biggest challenge of the whole shebang. The tension can’t reside in your fingers. They will curl tightly around the front of that bow, turning it to the left or right. And even though every other thing is right, your shot will be wrong. Essentially, you have to remind yourself to keep your fingers off the bow. They don’t even need to touch it. It’s the palm of your hand, that crook between your thumb and index finger — that’s key to success. That’s what holds and balances the bow, not your fingers. Perhaps that’s a lesson for life, too.

 Fingers off for forward momentum. #bullsIdidIt

We try to control it all … gripping tightly to each and every thing we put our hands on. We must learn to let go, relax and keep our feet firmly planted. It’s the only way to stand tall … to make our point … to hit the target. We must loosen our grip.

Archery is about so much more than sport, and even skill. It’s about building confidence. It’s about strengthening the core, both mind and body. And if we’re lucky, archery is about the heart, too. It’s a gift worth sharing with your kids, grandkids, even neighbor kids. Archery has a way of making people thrive.

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