Brake Your Fast: morning recipes

Early morning in the barn.
Yes, I know you break your fast — but I want more. I want you to brake … slow down … pause for a bit before the day begins. Brake from your fast pace long enough to eat. Morning may come too soon, but it’s a whole lot better if there’s breakfast on the table. Send your fave folks into busy days with a fortifying meal. There is time for breakfast, I promise! Here are a few of our family favorites. Enjoy them on a week day or save these recipes for Saturday morning. 

A-B-C- frittata
A-B-C Frittata is a decadent breakfast idea combining fluffy eggs with asparagus, bacon and cheddar cheese.


Dutch babies
Dutch Babies are quite the breakfast treat! We top ours with homemade strawberry jam and a dusting of powdered sugar, but they’re wonderful with maple syrup, too!


Egg bake with peppers, mushrooms and cheese.
Cast Iron Skillet Egg Bake is something we make on Christmas morning, but I’ll admit we enjoy it a few other mornings throughout the year, too. (Sometimes we have breakfast for supper!)


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