Secrets of A Homeschool Mom: Rolling Stones

Rock pileAt first glance you probably dismissed this photo as a briar patch within a wooded area. Maybe you noticed the barbed wire fence or brilliant, blue sky. There are baby leaves and new grass and budding branches, too, did you see? Did you notice the treasure — some buried, some not? This is a place of rolling stones fame. 

Rock pile tripWe’re here for the rock pile (hope you weren’t expecting a rock band). This place is often scavenged by family members for gardening projects, flowerbed borders and rocky pathways. It’s stacked with stones of all shapes and sizes that have been turned up during tractor work in neighboring fields. Some time ago my dad or brother pushed them out of the way and into the edge of the woods. Today I’m employing child labor to gather ye field stones where we may.

Homeschool Mom Secret No. 1:

You can put your kids to work and call it science class!
(or in this case, geology, biology, nature studies or physical education). In reality, what you see is all of those things and more! The beauty of it? They don’t seem to mind at all …

SuccessThese drama queens and king love our excursions. Oh, sure, for the next 20 minutes or so we’ll be loading a rocks in the back of a pickup truck. But we’re also listening to woodpeckers on opposites sides of the woods. We hear something — possibly a chipmunk or field mouse, scurrying through the dead leaves. We’re wondering if we’ll uncover snakes or spiders nesting in the rocks. The youngster is collecting “interesting looking stones” for his collection and daydreaming aloud about a tree fort.

Woodland sceneIt’s wild and beautiful, quiet and warm. There may be a required report on woodpeckers of Ohio in their futures. We need the facts after we witness and speculate. But first …

Wheel barrow… on to the business at hand. Our rocks must be moved. Many hands make light work – er – hands and a wheel barrow and enthusiastic boys to men characters like the one above.

Truck load of rocksHe leaves no stone unturned. If I’m doing my job, neither do I. Wise men and homeschooling moms build their {school}houses on the Rock, you know.


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