Everybody Pause!

We all need to pause once in awhile. We need to stop, take notice and pay attention. It took a wild boy and a walk in the woods to slow the pace!

Flint pits dug by Indians can still be seen at Flint Ridge State Park.

We headed south a couple of hours to hang out in a museum for the day. We had opportunity to watch flint knappers at work, and to hike a few short trails along Ohio’s Flint Ridge. My son ran ahead of us. It seems boys are determined to be first on adventures — arms flailing, feet flying, scattering leaves every which way. There is no slowing him down in the great outdoors. It’s hard to contain the sheer joy of being alive — but sometimes we must try. So we stopped his shimmy across a fallen tree perched precariously atop a water-filled flint pit. We reprimanded him twice for running so far ahead we lost sight. He was ten paces ahead of us when …

He froze.

“Everybody PAUSE!” he urgently cried. We did — in bewilderment. And then we saw what he saw …

A walk in the woods reminds us to pause.

… a simple mark made to designate trail No. 2. To him it was instruction to pause. Stop forward motion. Take notice. Don’t move. (Which has me considering how I can use it to my advantage at home!)

Sometimes it takes a visible sign to get us to stop our aimless wondering. We rush here and there in headlong pursuit of everything on our ‘to do’ lists. We travel through our day surrounded by all sorts of beautiful people, places, things and moments — but do we notice? Do we pause our weary wandering to look, listen and feel? Just imagine the possibilities if we stood motionless … observing our surroundings in silence …

Flint Ridge

Just for the record, I’m not recommending you eavesdrop.

The girls had stopped for a moment to talk history with my hubby. I walked a few paces ahead in search of the rabid boy-child. When I turned to say, “I’m going ahead to find him!” I saw this situation — which I found utterly confounding and extremely amusing. And yes, by the way, the bright orange jacket was purely intentional on my part.

Flint Ridge Trail

I don’t have answers on how to contain boyhood enthusiasm and general glee — but I will say this: we all need to pause once in awhile. We need to stop in our tracks, take a look around and enjoy what’s right in front of us — left, right and yeah, what’s behind, too. We have access to all sorts of unattended joyful moments, delicious laughter and simple delights. We need only stop and notice. So today, no matter who you are, what you’re doing or where you’re going …

Everybody pause!



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    Susanne Kinghorn May 27, 2015 (10:33 pm)

    Love this!!