The Art of Gracious Gardening

Lehman's Hardware offers home, garden and country life accessories, including tools to make gardening easy and clean!
I’m always attracted to simple, beautiful things — like leaves afloat on the surface of a rain puddle or white, puffy clouds traversing blue skies on a summer day. Gardening is one of those activities that also yields simple pleasures,  but let’s face it — pulling weeds can be tedious. Picking fresh vegetables is exciting, but maybe not so much after those first few bushels of green beans. What we need is a dose of functional and  fabulous!

Transform your to-do list: add a ‘bit of pretty’!

If you know you’re going to be digging around in the dirt, prep a special spot for clean-up. Nothing pushes you through a long workday like knowing there’s a lovely meal waiting at home. The same can be said of outdoor chores. It’s easy to bolster enthusiasm for weeding flowerbeds or hoeing the garden when you know simple luxury awaits. Arrange fragrant soaps and soft towels — and maybe something needful like a nail brush — in your clean-up spot. I promise these simple little things will add beauty to a mundane task. And Lehman’s Hardware has just the items you need to start a transformation!

Old fashioned flour sack towels from Lehman's HardwareThe good folks at Lehman’s supplied me with a few goodies for this chore change-up, including a bar of all-natural, old-fashioned handmade soap. There are eight luscious scents in the Lehman’s line-up including Fresh Spearmint, Quiet Time, Cedar Spice, Sweet Almond, Antique Rose, Lemon Crème, Plain and Simple, and Lavender Flowers. The 4.25-oz. bars are wonderfully fragrant and gentle on skin. And they do a thorough job of cleaning, too!

Pair the soap with old-fashioned, 100% cotton flour sack towels and you’re set for a simple and lovely way to wash up. The towels are made of lint-free cotton muslin, and they’re great as a hand towel or for cleaning and polishing your home. The more you use and wash them, the softer they become.

Original Flat Tire Tube Pad for kneeling in your garden. No morning in the garden would be complete without its own bit of comfort. My favorite field outfit includes a pair of pants with worn-out knees. But hours of knee-bending can be transformed, too, and your pants will thank you! Indulge in the soft, flexible comfort of the Original Flat Tire Tube Pad. The company’s slogan is “Makes Kneeling More Appealing” and it’s spot on! The pad is made from recycled inner tubes and it’s slip-, water- and abrasion-resistant. There is a thick, padded insert that protect your knees from pebbles, and a handy carrying strap for trekking to the field or garden.

Simple solutions + ‘a bit of pretty’ = task transformations

Are you familiar with Lehman’s Hardware? It’s a family owned and operated company here in Ohio. It started with owner and sole employee, Jay Lehman, in 1955. Today Lehman’s include several locations and many employees working to help you and me live simpler, more intentional lives — whether we hail from the city or country, rural or urban environments. The company values personal connections, integrity and tradition.

Lehman's Anniversary Sale

If you live in Ohio or traveling nearby, make a trip to Kidron and the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country! There’s also a print catalog and website giving you access to hundreds of practical goods, from planting and preserving to off-grid living. Go for a visit or check them out online. Add a ‘bit of pretty’ to life and have a beautiful day, friends!


*Lehman’s Hardware supplied products for this post. All opinions and testimonies are my own — offered here because I love sharing good things with great people!


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