Preparing A Fall Book List

Autumn Book listSummer’s end prompts a renewed interest for indoor enjoyments. The kids are away at church camp and I’ve been organizing and planning for the coming school year. There are nearly 75 books on our reading list — some for enjoyment, some to coincide with history or literature studies, some because there are things we need to know and learn. I pulled a few of the most unique titles together … 

Preparing Fish & Wild Game
Exceptional Recipes for the Finest of Wild Game Feasts
The title alone makes me want to go hunting and prepare a wild woodland feast! This book has some amazing recipes, and while it all depends on the hunting party, I’m hopeful to try recipes like Cheddar-filled Venison Roll with Wild Rice and Fruit-Stuffed Squash, or Trout Cakes with Celery Sauce or Bacon-baked Fish & Pepper Strips. Hungry? Me, too!

Big Tractors (Casey and Friends)
This is a lovely picture book for young readers and tiny tots who love big tractors — think Christmas gift idea! There’s a complete series with new titles coming soon. Big Tractors is the second installment in the series (for ages 4-8) that makes modern farming the hero. It details how tractors, combines and tillage equipment operates together on the farm. Holly Dufek, a seasoned educator and national curriculum writer, joins Pixar “Cars” artist Paul Nunn to help kids make the connection with the farm equipment they see in the countryside and the food on their table. The next title will release this month. Look for Combines with Casey & Friends.

Healing Herbs
A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying, Foraging and Using Medicinal Plants
This book is a reference guide for those with a beginning interest in herbs. It features the 20 most common herbs, many which we consider weeds! There are recipes included in the book. There are some I want to make for my own use and several that might make great Christmas gifts! I’m eyeing comfrey salve, elderberry apple fruit leather, salvia fritta and hiker’s rash relief.

Good Housekeeping Family Italian Cookbook
This one has been sitting on my kitchen bookshelf for some time. I’m determined to enjoy the goodness within as cooler weather approaches. There are 185 recipes including quick and easy options and others that require more love and attention. First on my list: Asparagus-Fontina Pizzettes with Bacon.

Woman-Powered Farm
Manual for a self-sufficient lifestyle from homestead to field.
I haven’t read this one, yet, but the chapters sound intriguing: A Call to Farm, A Farm History of Women; The Business of Farming; Farm Children and Farm Schooling.  The book has step-by-step instructions for those with little or no experience in a rural setting. Learn to chop wood, operate a chainsaw, build a fence, grow plants, flowers and vegetables, and more!

A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812
I picked up this book at a French and Indian War encampment. It sounds like such a great read!

What titles are on your ‘To Read’ list?



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  • comment-avatar
    Robyn August 6, 2015 (8:43 pm)


    I went back and reread John Grisham’s A Time To Kill. I read it several years ago and thought I needed a refresher before reading the sequel, Sycamore Row. Grisham is one of my favorite authors!

    I started reading Letter to my Daughter by Maya Angelou.

    I recently read Free to be Me: Becoming the Young Woman that God Created you to Be by Stasi Eldredge. An excellent faith based book.

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko August 13, 2015 (8:40 am)

      I’m going to have to add those titles to my list, Robyn! Thank you 🙂