Praise for the Working Glass

Hobbiton Mint Tea

There are so many things to enjoy about this photo … fresh mint, afternoon shadows, freshly brewed iced tea served in tall glasses on a rustic table in a farmhouse kitchen. This photo tells a story. It says relax and refresh. It says pause in the midst of daily pursuits to quench your thirst. It’s a big message made possible by a few simple, needful items. 

Begin with these working glasses from Lehman’s Hardware*. They’re made of thick, heavy-duty clear glass and yes, indeed: MADE IN THE USA. Use them for sipping cold drinks, slurping your favorite ice cream sundae, storing leftovers, freezing jam — the possibilities are endless. Each glass holds up to 21 oz. and is dishwasher safe. The four-pack of glasses arrives with six, BPA-free plastic lids (made in France). These glasses are also perfect for outdoor dining. Fill with ice and a favorite beverage, then put a lid on it — literally. No distractions buzzing around or landing in your drink!

And speaking of drinks: Meadow Mint Tea! We found so much delight in this little unassuming box of tea bags, with its intriguing name and almost mystical storyline. Every little hobbit in my home loves Meadow Mint Tea. And why not? From the box:

The low places surrounding Bywater supply patches of mint which are harvested by nearly every Hobbit in the Shire. Some, like the Gamgees, have taken to cultivating the herb in their garden plots, and have come up with a long list of medical benefits for the tea it produces. Hobbiton Meadow Mint is a popular drink in the Shire at weddings and parties.

These are just a couple of late-summer finds I thought you’d enjoy. The weather is still warm and the working glasses (and Meadow Mint Tea) are ideal for quenching your family’s thirst. See what else Lehman’s has to offer online in or in its retail store in Kidron, Ohio.

*Lehman’s Hardware supplied product for this post. All opinions and testimonies are my own — offered here because I love sharing good things with great people like YOU!


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