Get your foot off the gas and yield

Hello November

They say we ‘fall back’ … but I say we should look back. Perhaps that solitary hour should not be wasted on sleep but rather, used to contemplate the current state of affairs. The busy season is over. If we’re prepared — if we’ve done our duties and done them well — we’re ready for a long winter’s nap. Isn’t that the goal? We’re industrious in the spring and summer, and determined at harvest time. We want to fall into winter’s cold embrace with our stockpile at the ready.  

What if we’ve been so focused on tasks at hand that we neglected to enjoy the beauty of each day?

I feel as though I’ve surfaced from a mad dash that lasted for months. At some point — between staring into the flickering flames of a Halloween bonfire and awakening at 6 a.m. [I mean 5 a.m.], something within me shifted. I used my extra hour to seek quiet and court solitude.

Today, the first day of November, I determined to stop my headlong fling into too-busy-to-take-note and instead, drag my feet a bit through the drudgery of each day. Because there — in the midst of the uphill climb — is a spectacular show of beauty just waiting to be noticed.

Hello, November. You’re beautiful, and I promise to gaze often and adoringly.



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