A Small Perspective


When you determine to slow down and take note, a funny thing happens. You start to notice the small and seemingly insignificant things. You’re bustling through the tasks at hand — like sweeping autumn leaves from the steps of the church, and you notice something tiny and purple, with yellow spots. 

Spotted salamander

Something you’ve never seen before! And because you’re willing to pause and consider, to seek answers from tiny details, you learn something new. This little creature is a spotted salamander, and it’s the state amphibian of Ohio. You didn’t even know Ohio had a state amphibian! Now you do. Now you’ve discovered one in its natural habitat, which happens to be smack dab in the middle of your habitat. And you realize that the spotted salamander and his plump little brothers and sisters have probably been there all along … but you were too busy to notice.

Spotted salamander

Now you see … because you’ve determined to stop and look and listen your way through ordinary days. What other tiny treasures have you missed? And oh, what might you discover tomorrow?



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