Our Thanksgiving Big Bang Theory

Clay pigeon shoot on Thanksgiving 2015

“Big shots are only little shots who kept shooting.” ~ Christopher Morley
And it takes an awful lot of practice and patience to get there. Our family Thanksgiving is usually a bit of a big bang affair. The morning begins with the annual rabbit hunts (we had smoked rabbit for the Thanksgiving after-party thanks to my brother), and this year, concluded with a clay pigeon shoot. These “family shooting sports” activities are great fun, but I’m quite positive the fatherly figures use these outings for practice. The Monday after Thanksgiving is the start of Ohio’s deer [gun] season. And anything that might interfere with that annual pilgrimage had better think again. 


A family shoot is a festive affair, but safety is always paramount. Anyone of almost any age is schooled in shooting safety and etiquette, and then welcomed to give it a go under close supervision. We had a ball … after things were ready to go. The get up and go part of the festivities took awhile.


The mechanism was being temperamental, and everyone — from oldest to youngest — had an opinion. Instruction manuals were resurrected, and wrenches appeared from pockets and toolboxes. There were many suggestions, theories and words of advice. And the rest of us …


… waited patiently, with complete confidence that they would eventually fix the problem.


They did, and the fun began with ear plugs and proper hearing protection for everyone!


The friendly competition was interrupted every so often for clean-up duty. The troops were called in …


And a little boy brigade canvassed the pasture for clay pigeon parts.


It was a day for siblings and smiles and family togetherness — and many reasons for thanksgiving.


Sharpshooters had opportunity to go it alone …


… and youngsters usually had a back-up shooter.


Sometimes we paired off with partners.


The button pushers would send multiple pigeons flying in various heights (always in the same direction, of course). Oh, and speaking of button pushers …


… between us we have a whole herd of ’em. And yeah, they all know how to push the buttons. Literally and figuratively!

How was your Thanksgiving? What after-feasting tradition does your family observe?


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