That Time I Refused To Enter The Antique Store

Creepy junk stores sometimes hide hidden treasure!

The antique store was creepy the first time we entered. The second time I made my husband go in alone. As I sat in the truck — parked in the adjacent alley with hazard lights flashing — I considered it may have been wiser to go with him. I was alone in an old farm truck in a deserted alley, watching what very well could have been a drug deal going on between some sketchy characters at the other end of the street. I took comfort from the pipe wrench on the floor, hammer on the dash, ratchet straps on the seat, and box of shotgun shells in the glove box. 

Plate RackIt all began a weekend before Christmas when out of the blue he said, “Want to go check out some antique stores?” I snapped to attention so fast I may have caused whiplash. We enjoyed an afternoon in each other’s company and found a few treasures for folks on our gift list. Then I saw it — dusty and dirty and loaded down with all sorts of flea market junk. It was the plate rack for which I’d been searching (and begging him to build), for a couple of years. A rack that would hold my ironstone platters. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do — tall and wide, with old, greenish paint. Now here we were, one week later, retrieving the buried treasure from the creepy antique store.

While I was outside imagining all sorts of illegal proceedings, he was inside negotiating a deal. For $40 cash and carry with the help of some seedy characters, the plate rack was loaded into the truck and we headed for home.

To make a long story short, I planned to paint the hutch but in the end, decided to leave it as is. Instead, I used a jigsaw to cut out the bottom shelf. My old tool chest (currently loaded with markers, crayons, scissors and various 4-H project books) fits perfectly within the hutch. A few platters, pitchers and plates later, the rescued plate rack is well on its way to being a lovely spot in the kitchen. I still have some accessorizing to do, but there’s something to cross off my household bucket wish list.

And I guess the point of this story is that it’s nice when random things combine to make a perfect pair! Also: never judge a book (or antique store) by its cover. You never know what may be hiding inside! Just don’t forget to take a pipe wrench or … someone with you.

Two random finds make a perfect pair

Now … to clean up the remains of a very blessed holiday season. Oh, and it’s finally snowing! We have ALMOST an inch on the ground. It’s a little underwhelming to be sure, but this winter we’ll take what we can get. And I admit, it’s nice to cozy up in the house with kids, and faithful four-legged creatures surrounded by the glow of Christmas past.

Happy new year to you! What projects do you have in the works?


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    Laurie January 12, 2016 (8:59 am)

    Where were you originally going to put it ? Great Find!!