Stop Waiting For Joy To Arrive

Birthday roses and a message from the heart.

I come to you with a simple truth: there’s no time like the present. And my aim in saying so is that we must stop waiting on “some day” to arrive. We must grab hold of today with both hands and a big ol’ grin — even if we have to force that smile through clenched teeth and squinted eyes. Stop waiting on joy to arrive. Go get it, savor it, bask in its golden glow.

If you love fresh flowers, pick them. If you love the soft unfurling of rose petals, have a bouquet delivered to your door. Enjoy every moment of the unwrapping, cutting and arranging. If you love your mother’s wedding china, then take it down from its high shelf and dine prettily this evening. What good is a dainty dish in a cupboard? What good does your favorite perfume do if you hold it precious and dear but never wear it? Why store a keepsake and hide it away in a cupboard? Get it out, display it proudly and remember the significance every time you pass! It’s simple, really … stop waiting for someone to give you flowers.


Stop waiting for an ideal time to dot your wrists with your favorite perfume. Do it now. Enjoy it today — because we know not what tomorrow holds. And lest you misunderstand, I shall be clear: joy is not sourced from flowers or perfumes or kind words. It is reflected in those bits of beauty, sure; but it has one source and one source only.

“Because the Holy Spirit lives in me I have the fruit of joy.” ~ Galations 5:22

“Lord, when I’m unable, you fill my mouth with gladness and joy.” ~ Job 8:21 

There’s a lesson in that last verse that’s particularly poignant. If poor Job could be filled with gladness and joy, than we certainly ought to try. The man suffered much and endured great hardship. But he knew the source of all joy, and that is how he survived.



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  • comment-avatar
    Melanie January 23, 2016 (9:48 pm)

    Currently going through a hard season, feeling weary & needed to hear these words today…..thank you!

  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer January 23, 2016 (10:42 pm)

    May God bless you, Melanie. Peace and comfort to you during this challenging time.