Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Nightmares and bad dreams

Have you every had one of those dreams … the kind that leave you pondering life? I was in an antique shop in the woods. One room was dedicated to wedding dresses, veils and hats of yesteryear. So fanciful, so elegant, so beautifully displayed — most noticeable because the rest of the shop was a hoarded collection of junk stacked from floor to ceiling.

I pulled out my phone and a sour-faced girl emerged from a corner yelling, “No photos!” I left, ashamed. Then I noticed soft, pink roses blooming by the entrance. I paused to admire the soft, sweet petals and a gruff old man demanded, “No touching!”

I went into another shop — like Walmart on a manic Saturday. People were blocking aisles with carts and ramming displays with impatience. A woman stared with fury and disdain. She wanted to pass by but refused a customary “Excuse me.” Her eyes never met mine. I wasn’t a person to her. I was nothing more than an obstacle in her path.

Morning at last. The dream had made me feel awful and ashamed. Not the best part of waking up, though Folger’s in my cup helped immensely. What a horrible saga to sweep through my sweet dreams!

Pink roses in bloom

We forget kindness and courtesy in our stampede of tasks and to do lists. We’re so angry at so much that we forget to smile, to laugh — forget to “share the love” in the tiny moments that matter most. We say things we regret, pain people we love, and generally go through the day acting mean and feeling miserable. Why?! (And we wonder why our dreams are haunted with dilemmas!)

Beware the joy stealers. Avoid the negative Nellies. If you want to stop and smell the roses, do it — but not at the expense of others, and in spite of the big ol’ meanies in your path.

  • Turn off the television if that’s what sends you into a downward spiral
  • Avoid the news for a few days and instead, focus on the good news
  • Make a point to notice something beautiful or unique or curious
  • Utter a kind word, deed or touch to every person you see today

Make it your job to be a ray of sunshine. Yes, I’m serious! It’ll bless you and yours and those all around. And yeah, I know it’s hard. I have a tendency to focus on nonsense baggage piled on by other people which makes me sink low and grumble loud. On one of those ridiculous journeys I thought, if I don’t determine to bring some joy to my world, who will?! Here’s a bit of advice from Pinterest:

Start ignoring people [and things!] threatening your joy.
Literally. Ignore them. Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your life.

Shock the mean out of someone with a smile. Test it out right now: smile. Do it! Smile — make a big ol’ grin with those pouty lips. Feels good to stretch those cheeks, doesn’t it? Yeah. You feel a little better, right? Me, too!

Add joy to your to do list. Get the kids involved! Tell your husband you’re determined to make your family happy and glad instead of tired and gruff. Be the drill sergeant of your own little army of smiling soldiers, and then go out and kill ’em with kindness!

“Love your neighbor as yourself. If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.” ~ Galations 5:14-15




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