Create A Home for Storytelling


Most of us make our home in a house with walls and a roof. Truth be told, the building itself isn’t home. Our sense of ‘home’ occurs anywhere we feel love and find comfort. They say home is where your story begins, and I agree. We must do what we can to make home a pleasant place that fosters our greatest stories ever told.

Author Philip Pullman writes, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” So how do we facilitate storytelling in our homes? We can feather our nests with unexpected delights and unique mementos that suggest the story and prompt the telling.


No. 1: Give the Gift of Thoughtful Significance
For special events like birthdays or anniversaries, choose a meaningful gift that speaks to a person’s sense of home. Whether it’s simply unique or slightly sentimental, the best gift will nod to the life and times in someone’s personal story.

The “Mates for Life” print (above) is an anniversary gift for my hubby. It was made in Michigan on recycled newsprint. It will adorn the walls of our house, but it will also enhance our story, our sense of home. The print is available from Uncommon Goods — an online purveyor of beautiful things made by artists, designers and storytellers.

"Mates for Life" framed print from Uncommon Goods

No. 2: Be Prepared to Welcome Family and Friends and when you do, consider all elements — everything from lighting to music to atmosphere to food.

  • Candles add a soft and mysterious glow. Place at random around the house, or create one large grouping. They’ll add sparkle to your home’s personality.
  • Music is the greatest game changer, mood maker and emotional manipulator! Use a variety of tunes during your home-bound hours.
  • Little things mean a lot. Consider throw pillows or a fuzzy throw. Hang unique artwork to establish your decorating style or personal interests.
  • Feed ’em and reap the joy of well-fed family and friends. Maybe you’re serving finger foods, or perhaps a big ol’ buffet. Either way, enhance the food with unique table toppers and place settings. Consider fresh flowers — even branches or leaves from the yard.

And … there should always be an ‘and’. Mine happens to be made of maple! It’s the perfect cheese and crackers board, made by the J.K. Adams Company of Dorset, Vt. It’s fun and functional, and ideal for special occasions and daily dining. It’s another example of uncommon goods from a community of passionate people creating lovely things — items that tell a story while enhancing yours.

Home is the place you and your favorite people feel love and find comfort. It can be the place visitors relax upon arrival and feel rejuvenated upon departure. Add an extra dose of thoughtful preparedness to your story — wherever it takes you, and with whomever you share your life.

Happy home-keeping, dear storyteller!


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