Barn Reno and We’re Seeing Green

There’s nothing like a big ol’ barn to make blue skies brighter, animals more comfortable, and a farm more secured to land. There’s nothing like a big ol’ barn roof, either — especially one in need of repairs. Geesh! Every time a strong wind whistled across the tops of the hills, slate would fly off the roof. I warned the kids: “Don’t enter the barn that way! One of those slate pieces could slide off the roof and slice your head open like a cantaloupe.” Gruesome, but I wanted to scare ’em into listening. And it worked, mostly, until finally the day for new roofing arrived …

Barn roof and blue sky

… as did a large dumpster.

Dumpster truck

We were so excited to see the start of something we’ve been talking about for years — literally. We’ve lived here for a decade and this is the biggest project yet. I have an ongoing to-do list that I dream about (do you?!), but this project has always topped the list (more from necessity than aesthetics!).

Roofing supplies arrive at the barn.

Trucks and supplies arrived one after the other that first morning. The men had the old slate off in a jiffy. I saved some for future projects.

Barn roof reno - removing old slate and replacing with green steel.

We also saved the rusty corrugated steel on the lower part of the barn. I have all sorts of ideas for recycling it!

Repairing the barn roof.

They worked for about a week, and soon we could see a hint of green like a beacon in the winter-worn hills.

Barn roof repairs


New barn roof is ivy green.

Then came a freak snowstorm. They had to sweep the roof that morning, before they could replace old steel with new. Luckily the steepest part of the barn was already complete!

Barn roof repairs


Barn roof repairs


New steel roof on old barn.

It’s finally finished and today the sky was bright and blue with big, puffy clouds.

Old barn, new roof!

Which means we’re seeing green everywhere, not just up there …

Green flowers of spring


Green grass of spring.

Fresh grass in the pastures, garlic shooting up in the garden …

Garlic growing in spring garden.

And the first buds are just about to burst with green leaves and apple blossoms.

Buds of an apple tree.

There’s nothing like a bit o’ green to spur all sorts of ideas and projects and work ethic. Let the busy season begin!
Happy spring, friends!




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  • comment-avatar
    jen carlisle March 15, 2016 (8:52 am)

    That barn is absolutely beautiful!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko March 15, 2016 (11:39 am)

      Thanks so much, Jen! We’re so very excited to be fixing it up.