Noise Pollution and Our Kids

Noise. Even its synonyms make a joyful noise: din, hubbub, clamor, racket, uproar, tumult, commotion, pandemonium, hullabaloo. They’re noisy words. And here’s the thing about noise (and noisy words): they go hand in hand with busy. Last I checked, busy did not mean productive. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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We’re a society terminally ill with noise and the pretense of busy. We talk a lot about a lot, whilst spinning in circles and accomplishing nothing — but we make quite a racket while we do it. Ever hear of Babel? Yeah. We’re like that … chaos. And what’s even worse? We think we like it that way.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and wise (read: less patient, increasingly frustrated, more easily annoyed by pretense). Maybe it’s because I have kids, and I see what our head-on collision with social media is doing to tomorrow’s adults. A decade ago we didn’t allow who said what, did what, saw what and shared what to fill our waking moments. Think I’m being a little extreme? Here’s an example …

Noise. Have we gone too far? Yes. And we should be ashamed.

Our children are losing the ability to communicate with prose, poetry, imagination, and eye contact. Instead of table talk and rhetoric, we have siblings texting siblings in the next room (an outlawed endeavor in my house). Bring back philosophical discussion! Let’s chat about local issues, discuss a great book, or learn about the trees in the forest.

natural wonders clear the noise from our heads

Let’s count daffodils on the way to town, identify birds at the local watering hole, or attempt something new and challenging and real. Let’s do anything except bury our noses in a 5-inch screen. Notifications can never feel like a genuine hug. Likes? Likes what? Tell them in person, with your lips, while making eye contact. I guarantee you it will mean a whole lot more — even if Facebook is trying hard to be real with its new emoticons.

Let’s focus on what really matters, instead of letting electronics set the tone of our days. Speaking of days and days gone by, it’s my hope that Farmgirl Follies continues to offer inspiration for your daily walk. This blog is my pride and prejudice, my sense and sensibility, my persuasion. It’s life from my point-of-view. I hope it inspires you in some way. I do it for the things I value mostI treasure this life. And I want you to treasure yours, too. With eyes wide open, looking ahead, with intrigue and astonishment at the beauty around.

Let’s turn off and tune OUT, and get back to living!



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  • comment-avatar
    Gilda March 23, 2016 (9:27 pm)

    If we tune out and turn off, it will take longer to get caught up on your blogs. 😉 Great blog!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer March 25, 2016 (6:38 am)

      Thanks, Gilda! 😉

  • comment-avatar
    Dad March 25, 2016 (6:48 am)

    You’re doing a great job !