Create! Inspire! Motivate & Participate!

Make Daffodils! Create a sweet garland of sunny daffodils to hang in the house. Enlist your favorite youngsters, or enjoy a bit of crafting on your own. Click here for instructions.

Create Daffodils Art Project


Toss Rocks! Gather rocks or stones from nearby pastures or fields (ask permission if it’s not your property, of course!) Then stack ’em, sort ’em, and create all sorts of lovely landscaping designs! See here: you never know where you’ll find stone … or stackers!

create rock walls and stone flowerbeds


Spruce Up A Room! Need a little refreshment? Give one of your most-used spaces a fresh coat of paint, hang a new curtain, or switch out a wall hanging. Ask my my family: I move things around all the time. Sometimes they don’t know where the couch will be tomorrow! Here’s an example of a quick fix.

Create a quick and simple room reno


New Fabric for Inspiration. Do you have a scrap fabric heap? You don’t have to sew to take advantage of lovely colors, textures, and weaves! Visit your local fabric store for inspiration and creative ideas. And yes, definitely take a few people with you. Fabric stores are better than candy stores!

Create with fabric


Get Goopy! There’s nothing like a messy and magical project with little kids. Let ’em make goop. They’ll love it — and you, for letting them do it! Here’s how to make gobbledy-goop.

Create great fun with goop!


Cookie Monsters. Bake a sweet treat for you, your neighbors, your family, or your coworkers. A few minutes in the kitchen will bring a smile to everyone’s face (including your own!). And here’s the winning baked good … our favorite cookie recipe for The Best Cookies, ever!

Create sweet treats with lovin' from the oven!


And whatever you decide to do today, tomorrow, or during the weekend ahead … be sure to involve everyone. Work, play, and create together, for that is how memories are made, lessons are learned, and skills are perfected for a life of productivity.

Create memories through projects

Go forth and create!


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