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Are You Hurting? Start Livin’ On A Prayer

Hurting? Smell spring blossoms and rejoice in the newness.
Sometimes the hurting is too much to bear. We are overwhelmed, and we cast aside the simple beauty of a spring blossom because its purity stabs us with sharp contrast. Guile and deceit are heavy burdens. Malevolence is a devastating scourge. Perversion drifts in with the tide, and blows through our homes and communities with an ancient echo. We may fight the good fight on a daily basis, but we mourn our losses more often than not. The quest to share good news to wayward souls is exhausting. It can seem futile in the face of belligerence and callous depravity. But the petals slowly unfurl in the midst of utter chaos. Hope can never be extinguished. Continue Reading