Beauty, Blessings and Random Thoughts

Sometimes the ugly threatens to block blessings from view. Don’t let it happen. There is so much — so very much for which to be thankful. You need only look with eyes that see and ears that hear. You need only whisper into the face of a loved one or gaze at a familiar scene. Beauty abounds.

Apple blossoms bursting into beauty at Tuckaway Farm, 2016.

I love the plain old reliable beauty of boring … mundane … the daily grind. I love the blue sky. I love warm sunshine filtered through trees, blossoms bursting into view with a lovely scent that carries on the breeze. I love green grass and tulips. I love that my dogs roam free and my kids wander aimlessly over hill and dale. I love that yesterday my son flew his kite to the full extent of the string — 400 feet! — before the string broke and the kite flew east, into a row of grapevines some acres away. The acres belong to the neighbors. And the neighbors are family. I love that, too. Mostly because they don’t seem to mind that my son was flying his kite in his underwear. He was hot, see. But that’s another story.

I love that this evening, as the sun sets slowly on a vibrant horizon, my daughter saddled a horse and pulled my son aboard. Together they rode through the pastures and up the hill to reclaim the runaway kite. Together. Free and easy and going about life in a normal, kid-oriented fashion filled with adventure and varied perspective.

I love the simple beauty and bountiful blessings that swirl around me.

The big ol’ world can sometimes seem dark and scary, dull and decrepit … but not here. Tonight there is a mourning dove cooing just outside my window. She’s perched on a beam under the roof overhang, warming her eggs and waiting for new lives to begin. My husband is at the fairgrounds for a meeting, my other daughter hums quietly to herself, no doubt practicing in her mind what her fingers will do tomorrow on the strings of a guitar.

My cup runneth over. My blessings are ordinary, everyday things … no shiny sparkles, no spectacular glory … just average occurrences in a peaceful and for the moment, quiet world. The simple beauty is not lost on me. The feeling of complete and utter gratitude does not go unnoticed. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Dear Jesus, I ask you to bless each reader who stumbles upon this page. Fill them with hope and peace, love and contentment. May their hearts burst with joy at ordinary, everyday blessings. May they walk through the rest of this week with a dependence on you, and a peace that passes all understanding. Amen.


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    Gilda April 26, 2016 (8:02 pm)


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    Amy April 27, 2016 (7:25 am)

    Well said!!!

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    Marilyn April 27, 2016 (9:01 am)

    Beautifully stated…many blessings are overlooked in our rush of busy work. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to read today.

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    Robyn April 27, 2016 (9:27 pm)

    I always enjoy your down to earth, faith filled thoughts, Jennifer. You are right, there is so much to be thankful for in the everyday lives that we live. Maybe that is part of the secret of happiness allowing the mundane, boring things fill our cup. Being content and joyful for the simple things.

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    Subarna August 31, 2016 (1:59 am)

    Hi Jennifer,

    This is such a beautiful and very uplifting post.

    I discovered your blog today and am absolutely loving it.