You Walk Dogs, We Walk the Hogs

We’re out living a life of blossoms in bloom, hogs on the run, school year countdown, and much, much more. The kids have been walking their 4-H hogs most evenings. It’s so entertaining to watch them burst out of the barn at full speed, snuffing and snorting and frolicking in the green grass. Eventually they settle down and the kids practice their showing skills. Our county fair is about 11 weeks away. I don’t have daily details to share, just a visual journey of one normal evening here at Tuckaway Farm …

Walk the Hogs

This is my son’s first year in 4-H, and his first official 4-H project.

Walking the hogs - 4-H project in action

He loves his pig, affectionately named Tank.

Walking the hogs - gently tap-tapping his pig to get it to turn to and fro.

This little piggy … and that one … and that one … and then there are those funny faces.

Walking the hogs - three kids and 4-H projects


Walking the hogs

Ode to Spring, indeed!

Blossoms in bloom were tempting when the kids walked their hogs.

Apple blossoms are my favorite. Aren’t they stunning?!


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