Welcome To Augusta, Ohio – Everybody Loves A Parade

This is a tale of strawberries, people, and a place where everybody loves a parade — elements that combine to create a tapestry of memory, history and marked joy spanning my entire life. The annual parade and a bit of family history have set the stage for a promising future, ensuring yet another generation will appreciate the joys and traditions of a small town in rural Ohio. I hope you’ll read on, and scan through a bit o’ history with me!

The Augusta Strawberry Festival in Augusta, Ohio - a place where everybody loves a parade.

This post, Rural America On Parade, was the first time I wrote about the Augusta Strawberry Festival Parade. It’s near and dear to my heart — mostly because it marks the memories of youth, the passing of time, and the moments when friends, family and neighbors came together — because everybody loves a parade! I have missed very few of these parades over the course of 42 years.

And now I write about it often — probably because it also shows the passage of time in my children’s lives. There was the year of “The Great Candy Harvest” — when I swear each kid had a 5-lb. bag of sweets (and there were candy bars for moms!).

There was the time my brother wore a toga and my husband drove the tractor.

And here’s the year the septic tank trunk threw Tootsie Rolls.

This year is special for another reason: strawberries. Read all about it, here. It’s a bit of a history lesson from my brother, and a good read. At least I think so!

Hope you’re enjoying similar occasions in your own hometowns — however large or small they may be!


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