5 Favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

Tis the season for giving! It’s the time of year to select perfect gifts for family and friends. We seek a token, an ideal memento, a sensational item to show others how much we care. Truth is, Christmas gifting can be a challenge. To make it easier focus on the experience you want to create, not the quest for a perfect gift. Try these ideas!

Christmas gifts

Truth be told, my husband wants a new ham radio. My daughters want an entire library at their disposal. My son doesn’t even care so much about what’s in the package. He just thrives on the thrill of unwrapping the mystery.

Gift-giving isn’t difficult if you focus on the person you’re trying to bless. First, think about their likes, their loves, their passions. Then give them something that will create an experience or enhance their favorite pastime.

LaCrosse Boots

No. 1: Give new boots!

My family loves to work, play and spend time outdoors. Everyone needs a warm and comfy pair of winter boots, especially if they have animals to feed or wood to haul or snowmen to build!

LaCrosse Footwear has boots in styles for men, women and kids. I have the women’s LaCrosse  Alpha Thermal boots. They’re made for walking, working and stomping through snow drifts. They’re lightweight, but cushioned and comfortable. And there’s plenty of room for my big thick socks. Although those socks aren’t really necessary because insulating neoprene keeps your tootsies warm in these boots. And rubber is hand-laid over the neoprene sock to keep water out. I love ’em! Check out all the boot options at LaCrosse Footwear.

Nobody needs boots? Ok … let’s move on to some other gift ideas. The next idea is one of my favorites, because I usually can’t go wrong when I wrap up a classic!

No. 2: Beautiful books!

Christmas gift wrap

Storybook time was always a favorite around here, and picture books are perfect for the younger set. My middle- and high-school-aged kids continue to love books. Old or new, they’re thrilled to receive a new title for their personal collections. Online bookstores make buying easy, but don’t underestimate the delightful moments you will spend inside a brick and mortar bookstore. Search out a good, used copy with a beautiful cover. Find the newest title in paperback form. Whatever story you seek you can be sure your favorite readers will love the gift!

No. 3: Food Gifts (homemade, mail order delivery or gift cards)

Homemade food gifts

Everyone loves to eat, so give gifts in good taste! Homemade foodstuffs (think jams, canned vegetables, maple syrup, honey, even fresh eggs!) make lovely and useful gifts. Gift someone a box of homemade fudge, or a loaf of homemade bread with a jar of your strawberry jam. The key here is thoughtful sharing with that special ingredient: love. And teens will also love gift cards! Think pizza shops, a local coffeehouse, even ice cream. Want to gift a family member or friend who’s far away? Have it delivered. My two favorite online food gift delivery companies are Cabot Cheese and the Certified Angus Beef  brand.

No. 4: Board Games for Hours of Fun

board games

My favorite gifts are things that provide an experience. Board games offer hours of laughter, conversation and interaction with friends and family. Some of our favorites include Scrabble, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Catch Phrase, and various card games.

No. 5: Fuzzy socks and slippers

Christmas socks

Face it, socks are a great gift. Everyone wants cozy toes and I say the fuzzier the better. Get everyone Christmas socks, wool socks, athletic socks … whatever kind fits their personality. Jazz up your gift with a foot massage lotion, homemade foot soak, or even essential oils for health and wellness. We use oregano on our feet when we feel a cold coming on. Cedarwood on the feet will help you relax, and may help keep those snores at bay! Socks rock.

And with that, I wish you a very merry gift-giving season. Be intentional, be thoughtful, be kind to everyone you meet. And most importantly, remember the reason for the season! Merry Christmas, friends.




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