What Lies Beneath Is Your Story Waiting To Be Told

There’s something about an Ohio winter. Sometimes it arrives early, like a visitor who wishes to help with the meal rather than wait to be served. Sometimes winter is late — teasing us with cold, blustery days, then easing us out of the cold with mild breezes and sunshine. This year has been different, at least here in the eastern part of the state. We’ve had little snow. Several really cold days, but mostly not. And then last week: a thunderstorm. Torrential rains. Flooding. Winter 2017 is a tempestuous tale, and what lies beneath is where the whole story happens.

January thaw

What happens when brilliant cold turns trees frozen and stiff, and then warmer temperatures nudge a flowing life beneath the surface? What happens to us under those circumstances? We start dreaming. We make plans. We say, “Not yet!” while dreaming of “It’s time!” We let the ideas and thoughts and interests that survive just below our surface take shape. Winter makes space for thoughts often pushed out of the way by sunshine and blue skies. Winter puts everything in perspective, if only for a little while. Winter finds time.

And it takes so much time to deal with winter. Winter is gray and quiet, lonely and sleeping. Winter is a long nap to keep the darkness away. Winter has the power to drain our enthusiasm. It can steal our joy if we don’t find ways to embrace its gifts.

Thunderstorms in January

That long winter’s nap? It’s for dreaming.

Plan your garden or a project. Clean your house. Read a book and sip tea. Cozy up to a blazing fire. Learn. Study. Get out and breathe the sharp, crisp air and stretch your lungs. Find something to do besides work and more work and obligations and duty. Be creative. Be inquisitive. Be patient. Be kind. Stop and listen to the sounds of winter. You can almost hear it … the silence of the woods. The trees know winter is a time for quiet, for rest. The animals sense it, too.

“I prefer winter … when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ” ~ Andrew Wyeth

Our whole story never shows … but it’s there, isn’t it? Living, breathing, growing, stretching just below the surface. Waiting for a warm day when sparkling sun gets the ideas and enthusiasm flowing for our good. Sound sappy? Indeed. Because nothing illustrates the point quite like a mighty maple tree. Stoic and silent in the winter landscape but oh, the possibilities flowing inside. A simple tap, a tiny spout and then a single, solitary but steady drip. Drip. Drip.

And when you place the cold, clear drips of winter into the heat of the moment they have potential, possibility. They boil from nothing into something and it’s beautiful and sweet.

What’s below the surface of your winter? What’s thriving beneath the cold exterior that waits for the heat and light of day? Winter is for examining the whole story … the hidden dreams … the quiet goals. Let them thaw.

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    Lisa Oakleaf February 5, 2017 (4:02 pm)

    Very Nice Post! I too live in Eastern Ohio! Just wish it would stay cold or go for Spring!!!