Make Lilac Syrup For A Taste of Spring

Lilacs are one of Spring’s loveliest attributes! The heady perfume of my lilac bushes is intoxicating; the blooms prolific and stunning. My bushes are old and battered, slightly overgrown and yes, out of control. They resemble many of the lilacs to be found nestled near farmhouses and lining the byways to old barns. I can’t seem to bottle the lovely scent to enjoy year-round, but it is possible to capture the essence of lilac in a sweet syrup for pancakes. Here’s how!

Lilac Syrup

Making lilac syrup is a simple affair that yields a stunning bottle of delight. First, you will need to gather enough flowers to make one cup of blooms. Four to five blooms is usually plenty. Remove the flowers from the green, woody stems — being careful to avoid tiny creatures or spent blooms. (Please note, you will want to harvest lilac blooms from bushes that have never been sprayed with chemicals.)

Lilac Syrup


Lilac Syrup Recipe

Lilac SyrupIn a small saucepan combine:

1 cup pure cane sugar (or you may substitute with appropriate proportions of stevia)

1 cup water

Bring to a boil and stir until sugar is dissolved and simple syrup begins to thicken. Then add:

1 cup densely packed lilac blossoms

3-4 blueberries (to add purple color to your syrup)


Gently stir to combine and return to a boil. When lilacs reach a boil, remove from heat and smash blueberries against the side of the pan to release color. Allow mixture to steep until cool. Pour through a fine mesh strainer (tea strainer works well). Pour into a jar and use immediately, or refrigerate.

Lilac syrup over pancakes

Lilac syrup is delicious on pancakes or waffles, scones, cornbread — even as a simple syrup in mixed drinks. Get creative and enjoy the sweet tastes of spring!


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