It’s Up to You To Unwrap the Gift of Your New Year

You are blessed. I am blessed. We have been given the gift of a new day, the threshold of a new year. We can’t count on another 365 days. We can relish this moment, this space in time when we are here … present, active and willing to move into the next thing. Smile. Wrap an arm around someone near and dear. Make the coffee. Pay the bill. Get dressed for work. Vacuum the living room. Pack up the remnants of 2017 and turn your cheeks into the [frigid] air of 2018. We are here. We have arrived. Amen!

new year's gift

Chances are you feel no different than yesterday. Chances are a problem that you faced yesterday seems more insurmountable than yesterday. It’s not. You are you, and I am me and neither one of us is in control no matter how hard we might dig in our heels and embrace the struggle.

When the well goes dry, listen.
Sit by it, your ear pressed to its rim.
Hear the empty and the hollow of it.
Let be. Let be.
When finally you hear your breath
echo back to you,
let this sound be your first prayer.
Where there is breath,
there is water somewhere.

A Way In the Wilderness from In the Sanctuary of Women, Jan L. Richardson

Let’s take hold of this new year, this gift, together. Let’s clutch it close and treasure its beauty. Let’s slowly untie its packaging, savor the experiences and explore what is within. Happy new year! May you meet each moment, each hour, each day with praise and wonder and peace.


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