Let’s Make New Year’s Resolutions! Oh, never mind.

New Year's Resolutions, Oh, Never Mind
It's fashionable and trendy to resolve to do something new, different, better, faster, more intense. And then, somewhere between too busy to succeed, too overwhelmed to care, and "But I had good intentions!" ... we shrug it off. Continue Reading

Beauty Finds A Way

This fungi is a woodland masterpiece on a rainy morning.
Last year — and the year before — this beautiful fungus appeared. Previously it grew out of the top of the stump, but this year its appearance has gone south, literally. It is different, but still beautiful. Its circumstances have changed, but it hangs onto purpose and sends up the usual frills. Perhaps it mourns the loss of position, but it makes the best of the situation and carries on. Beauty always finds a way. Continue Reading

All You Need Is Love … but love is elusive

View from the pasture with love.
There is hope. There is promise. There is kindness. There is peace. There is love. It may be sheltered by tall grasses or buried beneath weeds. It may be hidden in the midst of a thorny facade. So what! It is our calling to find it, our duty to bring it to light. We were not made to stagnate. We were not created to wallow in frustration until one last breath leaves our body. Continue Reading

Independence Day, Fireworks and Family Fun

Independence Day 2016
There were barefoot kids running in every direction. There were sparklers (only 1 burn!). There were smiles and laughs and shrieks. There were grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and kids of all ages. There were burgers and deviled eggs and watermelon and iced tea. There were big booms and bright lights. And while I sat off to the side trying to capture the night with a camera, I couldn't help but feel thankful and blessed. I hope your Independence weekend held special moments for you and yours, too! Continue Reading

You Make Me Smile Like The Sun

Spectcular June Sunset at Tuckaway Farm, 2016.
Ever have one of those days when the good times start to fade and you forget to smile? You don't notice, though, because you're entrenched in whatever it is that steals your attention and takes away your zest. I was busy doing what needed doing when my phone rang. It was my mother. Continue Reading

Some Bright Morning When This Life Is Over

Some glad morning I'll fly away.
Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away. Except this life is not over and there's so much to see and hear and do and experience. It's up to us to jump into each moment with arms spread wide, heart open and eyes ready to take in the beauty in the ugliest situations. For there is beauty everywhere. God created the heavens and the earth and those who inhabit it. Therefore, beauty reigns. Find it. Embrace it. Revel in the smallest, insignificant glimpses of heaven, on earth. Then realize that the most magical moments we have ever experienced are nothing ... NOTHING ... compared to what is to come. Continue Reading