Sunrise tenacity

Sunrise Spring 2016
It's hard to see the forest through the trees. It's hard to remove the board from in front of our eyes. And it's easier to indulge in the bad than fight against sin to be good. But we must. Continue Reading

Sunday State of Time

Sunday state of time - allow yourself time to rest.
It's Sunday. I challenge you to give yourself 60 minutes — ideally more — but 60 minutes will do. We're always running, always pushing into the next thing. We're always planning away every spare moment, minute and hour in hopes of catching up and moving on. Sundays are no longer about faith and family, they're about finishing what we didn't complete last week. Sunday needs to stop. Now. Continue Reading

Teenagers, Table Talk & A Mission

Gather your sweethearts for some table talk. Listen, learn and love them well.
Talk a lot. Talk until your tongue is tired and their ears hurt. Then do it all again the next day and the next. The more table talk, the better equipped teenagers will be to face a hilarious and heartwarming, hypocritical and hellish world. But maybe we don't have to say a word. Maybe the only thing they need is a safe place to talk to each other. Continue Reading

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Nightmares and bad dreams
Shock the mean out of someone with a smile. Test it out right now: smile. Do it! Make a big ol' grin with those pouty lips. Feels good to stretch those cheeks, doesn't it? Yeah. You feel a little better, right? Me, too! Continue Reading

Don’t Run From the Fight

Storm coming!
What are we told? What are we encouraged to believe in popular culture? "You deserve a break today." That's a lie. We do not DESERVE anything. We have already been given so very much more than we deserve. We grow weary, see. We get tired of endless chatter, needs and duties. We wallow in self-pity and yearn for something better. Except we've already been given the thing that outshines anything ever and forever: salvation. Continue Reading

4 Fantastic Shows for Kids

Emily of New Moon via
It's the season for cozy comforts and movie nights in our house. We love family-oriented content that is both magical and realistic. Time and again we return to a few of our favorite characters, discovered years ago. Oh, sure, they have an affection for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and hobbits. They have a bizarre fascination with Dr. Who. But the shows we watched together when they were young created memories that'll last forever (I hope). And we hope you and your family will enjoy them, too! Make a big ol' bowl of popcorn and settle in for a long winter's nap — or better yet, movie night! Continue Reading