Firecracker Pinwheel Project

Pinwheel Project
You know how it goes. You see a darling craft project and determine to replicate it. Except it's complicated, expensive and turns out to be somewhat of a disaster. Not this one! You can make a pinwheel in a couple of minutes. They're easy and yes, I'll say it — they're cheap! They also make delightful table decorations. So Annie, get your glue gun! It's time to get crafty. Continue Reading

Home and Refuge

Home is where the heart is ... and the hearts of those you love. Make it count, make it matter, make it a refuge.
"As darkness falls, as the light of the world fades and disappears, we light the inner lights, the lights of Home and Refuge. May you find some comfort here." ~ Wayne Muller Continue Reading

Create A Home for Storytelling

"Mates for Life" print from Uncommon Goods
Home is the place you and your favorite people feel love and find comfort. It can be the place visitors relax upon arrival and feel rejuvenated upon departure. Add an extra dose of thoughtful preparedness to your story — wherever it takes you, and with whomever you share your life. Continue Reading

How To Organize A Boy for Life

How to organize a boy's room.
Boys are going places. Sitting still is against their very natures. They want and need to do simply fascinating and amazing tasks like pounding nails into boards or drilling holes into pieces of firewood or removing door knobs (just to see how it's done, of course). Continue Reading

Raise Your Glass To An American Icon

Pyrex is 100! 1915-2015
I have a turquoise glass measuring cup. It's a commemorative piece, celebrating 100 years of Pyrex perfection. That's right — Pyrex has been around for a century! Continue Reading

Living History and Writing On the Wall

History Timeline & Map of the World on the wall as a border
We talk of looking back on the old year as we step into the new one. I took it a step (or 10) farther. Friends introduced us to Adam's Synchronological Chart or Map of History — a reprint of an exquisite old timeline. It has a 25-foot fold-out the shows worldwide events since God created Adam and Eve. I was instantly fascinated and enamored by its exquisite detail. So I ordered one for our family. Upon arrival, I stared at it for a good three minutes ... then I ripped off the cover and cut it apart. Continue Reading