DIY: Building bookshelves from pipes and boards

Who knew regular old black pipes could transform a boring wall into cool industrial bookshelves! To begin your bookshelf building process you'll need to measure the wall, and decide on the width, height and depth of your shelves. Then you'll need to head to the hardware store and purchase black iron piping and boards. Continue Reading

Building shelves from black iron pipe

black iron pipe and floor plates
He thought I was nuts ... but yes — yes! I wanted him to build bookshelves from 1/2" black iron pipe and boards. Continue Reading

Color me happy and cover stubborn wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper after sanding and priming.
The painting continues. I'm refreshing my nest after a long, cold winter. Strangely enough I'm painting the walls the color of doom and gloom — no, not really. It's a Sherwin-Williams color called 'peppercorn' and I love it against the woodwork. At sunset it looks almost thundercloud blue. This is the painting project that spawned the bathroom redo. I finished the bathroom first so I could get my painting mojo on. I needed a couple of baby steps before a big project. Continue Reading

Kids’ bathroom redo: row your boat

Kids' bathroom with nautical theme: navy ceiling, striped shower curtain, oars for towel hooks and boat print
Like most projects, the change began with a simple thing: a new shower curtain. The bold blue and white stripes changed the feeling in this tiny little bathroom. It needed some added oomph. I experimented and then proceeded with the rest of the ceiling ... Continue Reading

Ode to Spring in home and garden

Planting seeds for the garden
Tomorrow is the official first day of spring! You could celebrate by making this fresh and delicious couscous recipe. It tastes like spring, literally! Continue Reading

It’s snowing but we’re hanging spring at the windows

It's snowing and blowing, the wind chill is a negative number and I'm ignoring it all for signs of spring. I cleared away the heavy candles, stacks of books and dark decor to make way for bright and light. I started with an Easter mantel. Continue Reading