Afternoon Tea: Make Time To Take Time

Afternoon tea at Tuckaway Farm.
If you don't take care of you, you can't care for everyone around you. And that's our job, isn't it — our real job — to care for those in our midst whether at work or home or wherever we spend our time. There are walking, talking, hurting people at every turn. If we're grounded and rested and content, we will be more open to others, able to sprinkle a little bit of our ordinary joy over them. Suddenly, in one tiny little corner of our great big world, there is happiness abundant. So take time to make time for you, and then for others. Continue Reading

That Time I Refused To Enter The Antique Store

Creepy junk stores sometimes hide hidden treasure!
The antique store was creepy the first time we entered. The second time I made my husband go in alone. As I sat in the truck — parked in the adjacent alley with hazard lights flashing — I considered it may have been wiser to go with him. I was alone in an old farm truck in a deserted alley, watching what very well could have been a drug deal going on between some sketchy characters at the other end of the street. I took comfort from the pipe wrench on the floor, hammer on the dash, ratchet straps on the seat, and box of shotgun shells in the glove box. Continue Reading

We’re Village people now

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.
We spent some time at Marathon Village during our Nashville Trip. I am still in awe of this grand old building. Very industrial, very cool, very textural and delightful — especially for camera-toting creative types! The buildings house shops, studios, offices and even a fitness center nowadays. In it's prime (1907-1914), Marathon Village was home to the Marathon Motor Car Company. Continue Reading

Exploring Antique Archaeology in Nashville

Antique Archaeology in Nashville, Tenn.
You know the show American Pickers, right? It's a show on History channel that follows the exploratory tales of Mike and Frank, and their junk hunts across America. The pair happens to have a store in downtown Nashville. It's tucked away in a place called Marathon Village (more on that tomorrow!) and boy, oh boy is it cool! Continue Reading

Scenes from a day in Nashville

Antique store near Nashville, Tenn.
We always find our way to a tasty barbecue joint when we're in Tennessee. This trip my sister (the middle cutie, below) took us to a place voted the best barbecue in Nashville in 2013. I have to admit it was pretty darned tasty!   And then there are places like this ... A treasure trove of undiscovered possibilities! Happy Saturday to you and yours. I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and a little bit of intrigue!     Continue Reading

While away your days at Atwood Lake Resort

Atwood Lake Resort & Golf Club
There's a place not far from here where rolling hills sweep to water's edge and warm, sunny days are alive with sailboats on silver waters. Leafy trees surround a sprawling lake in a canopy of cool shade and just over the hill, vibrant greens and white sands beckon golf fanatics and weekend warriors. Continue Reading