Thankful and blessed

Blessed printable
Around here the planning has commenced and Thanksgiving preparations are underway. It's so much fun to decorate with the girls. This year, in particular, they have begun to channel their inner decorating divas. They're great helpers, but also key brainstorming geniuses in our pre-feast planning. We're hosting Thanksgiving this year and I've been searching Pinterest and the wonderful world-wide-web for all sorts of ideas and niceties. I thought this BLESSED banner was particularly ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorites – watch this

Australian series: McLeod's Daughter - my FAVORITE!
We love weekends, mostly because busyness ceases and demands stop chattering for two whole days. Not completely, of course, but things slow and we're all at home, doing what we do. And we do our best to protect Saturday and Sunday family time. As cooler weather approaches, weekends become even better. And truth be told, there's nothing I love more than a snowy Saturday tucked away in my house with family all around. I'm not wishing for winter blizzards just yet, though. Autumn is too spectacu... Continue Reading

The Rescuers

Wrapped in love: handmade afghans brings vibrant color to a room! Can't make your own? Find them at thrift stores for a few dollars.
The girls and I have started referring to ourselves as 'the rescuers' because we're hard-pressed to find a handmade afghan we can't love. I didn't even realize we had a blanket hoarding problem until recently, when I returned home from a thrift store jaunt with yet another chevron-striped throw. But who could resist?! My love for these colorful comforters came at an early age. I have a grandmother who continues to crochet afghans — as well as baby booties, dishcloths and more — ... Continue Reading

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday's No. 1: Our very first homegrown potatoes. They're gigantic. And the kids made an observation I absolutely adore: "Have you noticed how the stuff we grow tastes better than anything?"  Why yes, yes I have noticed. Life lesson #6,402: Hard work, patience and a tiny bit of pride in the production of things has a mighty fine flavor that is easy to savor.   And now I present Tuesday's No. 2: Forgive me ... but he found this one near the big rock at the top of the ... Continue Reading

Sugar Facial Scrub with Honey

Honey Crafting
I've been reading a lot about honey — from beekeeping to beeswax to the benefits of daily consumption. It's a rather fascinating topic and I've been enthralled by it since the honey bees swarmed in and the bee man arrived with his bucket! Continue Reading

Tales of woodsmen, waters and wildlife

A North Country Life by Sydney Lea
Don't we all have those monumental characters in our lives? When one passes another takes over, each guiding our next step in the quest for maturity, wisdom and insight. Lea speaks of the man who took over after his father's death. Continue Reading