Reading Justice for Speedy

Justice for Speedy
I just finished reading Justice for Speedy by Judy Berkley. It's an alarming tale of what happened to one horse, and what has clearly happened to many other Arabian horses over a course of years and quite possibly, decades. Continue Reading

Running for the weekend

I'm so glad it's Thursday. Thursday means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend can begin. We've been having lots and lots of fun during weekends around here. Happens every year, really. We realize winter's end is slowly in sight so we pack movies, games, books, cooking and laughter into every weekend. Basically we snuggle in and make great food and create great fun. It's good for the soul, bad for the hips. The girls and I have fallen in love with a television series from Canada called ... Continue Reading

Easy Canvas Giveaway Winners

The winners are ... Thanks for sharing your shopping frustrations, folks! I hope each of you finds the perfect gift for the people on your Christmas list. Who knows, maybe I'll have some other ideas for you over the next few weeks! And for two of you, a $10 gift card to Easy Canvas Prints may help solve your woes ... at least I hope so! The winners were drawn from a trusty Atlas E-Z Seal jar by my oldest daughter. Congratulations to: Beth (the Beth who said her dad is the toughest!) ... Continue Reading

Man cave on canvas

I've been thinking about Christmas presents. I'm not a gift card kind of gal. I like to think about the person — who they are, their interests, personalities and the experiences I've had with them. I try to give gifts that say 'you're special, you've touched my heart in some way and I want you to know it because you're a blessing to me'. Sometimes it's a tall order. Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes a gift card is exactly what they wanted and needed, not what I offered. But still I ... Continue Reading

Gleeful orange globes

It's that time of year ... The pumpkins are stacked, styled and lined up in rows. They await decorating divas and happy Halloweeners and lovers of everything autumn. Oh, and these folks ... The little people. Little people love pumpkins. Even littler people love pumpkin carts. And for some reason, they all love the sharp "nippers" we use to trim the stems before stacking fairytale pumpkins. Everyone still has their fingers and toes, though, so I consider it a successful ... Continue Reading

Witchcraft in the air

We keep our eyes on the sky around here. We never know what'll fly over. One day it's a pair of chinook helicopters, the next day brings C-130s. There's no nearby airport, but we must be in a military flight path because at least twice a week the cargo planes fly over and threaten to skim the slate off my barn roof (or at least it appears that way!). Today's blue skies beckoned a new visitor. I've never before seen this oldie but goody in my air space. So there's ... Continue Reading