One of these days …

Sunset on July 31, 2015
One of these days ... I'll be back. Continue Reading

Change Your Perspective To Hear Through the Noise

Life is loud. It used to be that cranked-up music disturbed the neighbors. Today those neighbors may not even be aware of the people next door. The new beat can shake the very foundation of our home. It filters in through every crack and crevice unless we're vigilant, and it's certainly not as beautiful as the seemingly innocent notes in yesterday's brain-thumping monster ballads of rock. We must walk through the exit every once in awhile before we forget how to find our escape. Continue Reading

It’s Up to You To Unwrap the Gift of Your New Year

new year's gift
You are blessed. I am blessed. We have been given the gift of a new day, the threshold of a new year. We can't count on another 365 days. We can relish this moment, this space in time when we are here ... present, active and willing to move into the next thing. Continue Reading

Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

PW Lodge Visit
Who has the cutest kitchenware, the longest concrete counter tops, and the grandest prairie views I've ever seen? Need a hint? Her cooking show airs Saturday mornings on Food Network. Continue Reading

Finding Silence In Dirt, Dead Trees and New Beginnings

Old greenhouse, new life
When we do not, our paths wander aimlessly. We're askew. We focus on "picture perfect" and "share-worthy" and never stop to truly "like" our own journey. We seek satisfaction in a vacuum and spend our time adrift in a sea of unnecessary noise. We focus on the weeds in the background, but the stark blooming beauty directly in front of us is always out of focus. Continue Reading

What Lies Beneath Is Your Story Waiting To Be Told

January thaw
Our whole story never shows ... but it's there, isn't it? Living, breathing, growing, stretching just below the surface. Waiting for a warm day when sparkling sun gets the ideas and enthusiasm flowing for our good. Continue Reading