Morning and the Sounds of Silence

Horses in the pasture
Summer mornings are bright and cheery, promising intense heat and perhaps, a cool repose with an icy Sunday afternoon drink on the porch — something with lemon, perhaps. Enjoy your morning ... and your noon and night, friends. Continue Reading

Butterfly Time And Faith In The Pause

Butterfly moments
Unlike the butterfly, we have forgotten that beauty, peace, and contentment come from pause. Pause can be difficult, but we need it. Desperately. Continue Reading

From One Mother to Another

Mother advice on Mother's Day
Mother. It's a title worn with varying degrees of pride, prejudice, fear, and absolutely devastating love. They depend on us, count on us, expect things from us ... always. And we're happy and eager to give, most of the time. It's inherent. It's as natural as breathing. It's mama bear syndrome. It matters. Continue Reading

You Walk Dogs, We Walk the Hogs

Walk the Hogs
We're out living a life of blossoms in bloom, hogs on the run, school year countdown, and much, much more ... but there's spring in every step! Continue Reading

Create! Inspire! Motivate & Participate!

Daffodil Art Project
Whatever you decide to do today, involve everyone. That's how memories are made, lessons are learned, and skills are perfected. Go forth and create! Continue Reading

Noise Pollution and Our Kids

Home Office - noise pollution
Noise. Even its synonyms make a joyful noise: din, hubbub, clamor, racket, uproar, tumult, commotion, pandemonium, hullabaloo. They're noisy words. And here's the thing about noise (and noisy words): they go hand in hand with busy. Last I checked, busy did not mean productive. Quite the opposite, in fact. Continue Reading