Swimming with Hellbenders On the Banks of Yellow Creek

Holding a hellbender for release
It's not every day a boy gets the chance to hold a snot otter. It's not every day a boy is invited to participate in something so cool and boyish and wet and muddy and ideal that he now looks for unique creatures in every body of water he visits. Continue Reading

Everybody Pause!

Flint pits dug by Indians can still be seen at Flint Ridge State Park.
We need to stop in our tracks, take a look around and enjoy what's right in front of us — left, right and yeah, what's behind, too. We have access to all sorts of unattended joyful moments, delicious laughter and simple delights. Continue Reading

Secrets of A Homeschool Mom: Rolling Stones

Rock pile
Secrets of Homeschool Moms No. 1: Put your kids to work and call it science class! (or in this case, geology, biology, nature studies or physical education). Continue Reading

Mind Your Manners

Mind your manners
Did you know your dinner napkin has seven uses? Did you know you should butter your bread one bite at a time? A group of young ladies from our homeschool co-op learned these rules and more during a Saturday afternoon etiquette class. I'll be honest: some of it was news to me, too! Continue Reading

Archery Is the Cure For Cabin Fever

An indoor archery range in a bank barn.
It turns out the bottom of a bank barn is the perfect place to practice archery in winter — as long as horses, chickens, dogs, cats and little brothers are out of the way. Archery is fun, but concentration is mandatory. Training is required. Muscle memory will be called upon with every single shot. It's not about hitting the bullseye, it's about focus and follow-through. Continue Reading

Archery for Kids Begins with Genesis

Genesis Bow for Kids #BullsIDidIt
Like any sport, archery requires proper equipment. Genesis Archery has made it simple for beginners of all ages with a line of bows to fit virtually anyone. They grow with your child, and do not require measurement before purchase. Easy? Yes. Perfect for busy families? Absolutely. Continue Reading