The Butterfly Effect

Catching butterflies at Beech Creek Gardens in Alliance, Ohio. A great home school field trip!
Exploring the gardens, trails and amazing butterfly house at Beech Creek Gardens in Alliance, Ohio. Continue Reading

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Cecropia Moth
I was mowing and brushed under a low-hanging tree branch. A strange, but colorful little dude landed on my arm ... Continue Reading

Back to School and the View from Home

Back to School At Home
Today is the first day of school. I thought you might be curious to know what 'Back to School' looks like for a homeschooling family. Here's our take on it ... Continue Reading

Our Homeschooling Story, part three

Painted warrior
Why do we educate our children at home? Because we love God and we love our children, and it's what he saw fit to have us do. Making a U-turn is always stressful. Changing course usually happens under duress. Finding your way in the vast, wide open wilderness? It is amazing, terrifying, heart-wrenching and burdened with more joy than I could ever have imagined. Continue Reading

Our Homeschooling Story, part two

Math in a tunnel
Education should be the concern, not socialization. I've never been asked, "Are you worried you won't be able to teach them what they need to know?" Instead, my kids' ability to act like the rest of the elementary and junior high populace comes into question. As a society we want kids to avoid peer pressure yet we worry home schooled kids won't embrace it. Please tell me you see the irony! Continue Reading

Our Homeschooling Story, part one

At age five we typically turn our children over to someone else. That someone influences how they think, how they learn and what they know about the world. Someone will shape the way my children see the past, present and future. My husband and I decided we'd like to be that someone. Continue Reading