Contented hours and fireside musings

Building castles with Legos
It's three in the afternoon and I just poured myself a cup of coffee, only because I've already filled up on the prescribed eight glasses of water. I'm sitting next to the fire and gazing out the window. A band of blue jays is waging a turf war on the trees surrounding the bird feeder. There's a boy on the floor at my feet. He's dressed in fleece from head to ... ankle. The toes are naked. I'll never understand how my children can be completely bundled against the cold and still run around ... Continue Reading

Winter reading list for the whole family

Winter reading list for the whole family. Great for homeschoolers, too!
Winter reading list for the entire family! Continue Reading

For when the kids have cabin fever

Here's a fun little project the kids and neighbor kids made several years ago. It was waaaayyy back in 2010 when my babies had chubby cheeks and a rosy glow. Or maybe that pleasing blush came about because this craft project is so much fun! Marshmallow Igloo Kids' Craft Project Continue Reading

And we begin again

The sound of late summer fills the air these days ... bees frantically gather pollen ... leaves have been falling from the walnut trees for weeks. It's that time again — time to settle down and dig in, time to think hard, ponder much and store things away in young minds for future use. School days are here again. Ours may look different from yours — or maybe not. We have spelling lists and science experiments, math tests and vocabulary to memorize. Sometimes we lay on the ... Continue Reading

Shaving cream swirls for Easter art

Easter Art Project
Shaving cream is amazing. You can use it for its intended purpose or it could be instrumental in a monumental prank. Also, it's great for kid art projects. For the really little crowd, fun can be found by simply squirting a pile of the stuff on a surface. Then let them practice "writing" numbers and letters with their fingers. You have to get a bit more creative for older kids ... add an element of danger — food coloring. There's nothing like staining fingers, hands and tables blue, ... Continue Reading

The tortoise and the … coyotes

Children's books from Goodwill
I'm in the zone ... my brain is buzzing with ideas and to-do lists and projects. I started with a few of the simpler ones after the kids went to bed. Tomorrow's endeavors involve paint and drop cloths and hopefully, a cure for my extremely messy and desk! Before I hit the hay, though, I wanted to share this stack of loveliness with you. These are the books we rescued today. Yes, our shelves are overflowing — but how could I resist a book that details award-winning paper airplane designs? ... Continue Reading